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Cooper Gillespie, author of Throw Me A Bone

This is Cooper, one of Winslow's cousins from Firesides's Welsh Springer Spaniels.

According to his book, "Cooper Gillespie, an extremely intelligent and handsome Welsh springer spaniel, is a dog of discriminating taste and strong opinions. Now Cooper, with the assistance of cookbook author Sally Sampson and the transcription services of his favorite human, Susan Orlean, has put together 50 delectable recipes for snacks, meals, and treats for your canine companion."


Mr. Kipling as a puppy

This jolly group pic was taken in England when Winslow's chum Mr. Kipling was just a wee pup. He is the handsome field bred English Springer Spaniel in the center. The golden's name is Daisy and the charming WSS is Clinton. Clinton is from the Highclare kennel, where Winslow's famous granny, Teal hails from.

Highclare strands of gold

This is Ch Highclare Strands of Gold, "Teal". She won oodles of hunting, working and confirmation titles and was the top Welshie of her day.


Red Rivers Celtic Shaaman

This is Doc. He is a champion Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Winslow's first friend in California.

Doc and Sasha

This is Doc with his sister, Sasha who also adores Winslow, and vice versa.