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Merry Christmas 2014

We took a nice walk at Fashion Island in Newport Beach today and Mum lifted me up onto the boxes by the Christmas Tree for my official Christmas Portrait.  I wore my jingle bell collar and with a recent bath I think I looked quite smart.  I was happy to get down and continue my walk though, it was a little highWinslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel at Fashion Island in Newport Beach up there !  Long ago and far away when I was a wee pup just 12 weeks old, I had my picture taken here too.

Winslow as a tiny puppy at the Fashion Island Christmas tree

This year, 2014 was also my cousin Sam’s first Christmas.  Here we are together under the tree.

Sam Hatfield with Winslow Hatfield under the Christmas tree for Sam's first Christmas

Winslow’s Menagerie

Winslow the Welsh Springer with his new menagerieHere Winslow the Welsh Springer is enjoying time with his new menagerie.  You see, once a month or so, Winslows Mom goes to garage sales and brings home stuffed anipals for Winslow.  Usually they are clean but still smell of wonderful adventures in far off places.  Winslows Mom says the best part is that they cost  25 cents.

Winslow the welsh springer who lives with cathy hatfield the artist, is seen here removing Mr. Wombats nose.Here Winslow is removing Mr. Wombat’s nose.  Can’t have him nosing around all of Winslow’s special places.   Winslow promptly spits out noses and eyes so that they can be sent to the nose and eye repository.

Winslow and his Squeaky Ball

Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel in the yard with his squeeky ball

Here is Winslow with his new squeaky ball.  He hadn’t had a new toy for quite a while (BAD MOM) and was very happy to play with this and squeak it loudly for hours. We were going to be having a lot of folks over for Winslow’s  Uncle Ricky’s birthday, and this was Winslow’s  consolation for being ignored during preparations.  He was not ignored during the party, and in fact scored many many tidbits.

Cheese Shoppe

Winslow loves cheese, so a visit to the cheese shoppe at the So Co Collection was de rigueur ! Winslow loved the smells but we kept clear of the counter so as not to bother paying customers. We were just collecting scents. By the way, may we recommend our new favorite cheese, Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar Alas, its up to you to find someplace that sells it.  We cannot risk our source being out of stock. (Again. . . are you listening Mr. K)

Winslow at the Cheese Shoppe at So Co Collection


Winslow at Jonathan Adler at Fashion Island

Well, we went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach for a walk yesterday.  I am one lucky Welsh Springer Spaniel!  Here I am at the Jonathan Adler store where they have really cool stuff, and Mom really liked this PEACE foot stool and took my picture by it.  The nice girls at Jonathan Adler are very hospitable to pups and I don’t know why Mom told them to stop giving me treats.  I still had lots of room for more!

Happy New Year! !

Springer Spaniel doing a water retreive of a ball

Happy New Year, everybody. I am very lucky to be a California pup, but especially so this New Year. It has been lovely beach weather and I went swimming with my pal. Mom never did find me a stick, so I just let Mr. Kipling bring my ball back. He is very good at ball retreives. I needed to keep my mouth free for any sticks or birds that might have appeared.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

It seems that there were leftovers.  Mom had a pie shell that she forgot to put a pie in.  So she put in my food and some gravy and some turkey pieces for garnish.   Whaddaya think?  It was very very tasty.

Turkey Pie for your pup

But there is one thing about this blog that I don’t like, and it is all the endless picture taking and I have to wait to EAT until the photo is just right. This is not right and may verge on cruelty.
Winslow the welsh springer spaniel waiting for his turkeky pie
Finally I did get to eat, and I am very glad to report it was DELICIOUS !!! and there is the other half left for morning!!
Winslow eating dinner.

The Water is Fine !

Winslow tests the waters in the estuary of  Morro Bay in Baywood Park
We went to visit Uncle Ricky in Cayucos and to paint with friends in Baywood Park who were staying at the lovely Back Bay Inn. Winslow took the opportunity to check out the water and have a nice romp and chase some coots. He didn’t bother the stately (and protected) Great Blue Herons. The weather was great, the leash was off, left overs abundant, and a Welsh Springer Spaniel couldn’t ask for more!

Crystal Cove

Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel at Crystal Cove State Park in California

Yesterday we went for a walk at Crystal Cove State Park, not far from home.   It was a lovely day for a walk, and the park was quiet with not too many bicycles.  We have to stay up top on the paths along the cliffs  because dogs are not allowed on the beach below.   The walk wasn’t as long as I had hoped because Winslow caught scent of some rattlesnakes and hearded me right back to the car.  He gets exasperated when I won’t do what he wants,  but I guess that is what I sent him to rattlesnake school for afterall.  Some fireman on their exercise walk returning from where I had wanted to go told me that they had seen a five foot rattler stretched across the path!

Bunny Hunting

Bunny Hunting in Costa Mesa, California  with Winslow the Welsh Springer SpanielWe have been bunny hunting this morning amonst the mustard at Fairview Park, on the site of what was once the Indian Village of Lukup.    We only saw one bunny today, but I think Winslow sniffed many more.  It was way too hot already at 10 am, so we have to start closer to dawn.    There was lots of mustard, as pictured here,  a few hawks, and lots of stickers.  I will recheck in a while, but non seem to have stuck!

A Lovely Spring Day

Smelling the flowersWinslow smelling the wisteria (or listening to the bees, not sure which) on recent jaunt to Balboa Island.  Winslow was pleasantly surprised when this photo op became an interesting stop and he was happy to be breathing in the fresh air and lovely scent of blossoming wisteria and the accompanying insect activity.  Or maybe they were cooking bacon inside.  Anyway he looks  happy and the day was as beautiful as this photo suggests.

Winslow Relaxing during a Walk in Huntington Beach

Winslow, a welsh springer spaniel, relaxing in Huntington Beach, California.Winslow loves to walk in the neighborhoods around Lake Park on Main Street in Huntington Beach.  There are lovely wide meridians with grass and trees and wonderful smells.  Then once at the park there are many squirrels hiding in the trees and other dogs playing or lounging about.  Winslow says hello and sniffs most of them.  If they aren’t cheerful he moves on.  No time for uncheerful pups.  After playing to his hearts content he finds a nice spot of shade and relaxes to enjoy watching the others romp on.  The trouble here is that Mum doesn’t ever want to stay as long as he does.   Sometimes she will chill and hang,  but never long enough in Winslow’s estimation.   So when he is coaxed to walk back to the car for the journey home, or to an errand, Winslow often finds other shady spots to plop in.   Here he is, at a nice shady spot along Crest Street.  There is a lovely ocean breeze, and many animal smells from previous walkers.  What more could a dog ask for?