Salty Dog

Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel at the Orange Coast College Rowing Dock in Newport Beach California

Here I am, Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel, a Salty Dog, at the Orange Coast College Rowing Dock  in Newport Beach, California. This is my favorite place to go in the morning because the air smells so good ! Also it is very close to C’est Si Bon, who make the most wonderful pain au chocolate. Yes, yes, I know, but the staff eats the chocolate part ! Back to the rowers, who often leave nice smelly shoes on the dock. I do not disturb them, just take a nice sniff as I amble by. Usually by the time we get to the dock, we have already had a run at squirrel park, so here I can just relax and sniff the air. We see coots, cormorants, egrets, blue heron, flying fish, sometimes even a dolphin !

This is officially called the Orange Coast College School of Sailing and Seamanship  and you can take many cool classes there.  Next up for me  Shields !   Once they take my money they have to let me on the boat, right !

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