Howloween !

Hello Pals

I have been contemplating my Howloween costume.   Since I am named after one artist,  Winslow Homer,   I thought that I could be a different artist,  this time,  Claude Monet.  This only involves a beret, a pipe and a paint brush.  I think I could handle that !  Here is a painting that Eduard Manet did of Monet.


And here is one that Monet himself did of himself – maybe I will need the beard !


This is a much better prospect than human’s idea which was to make me spagetti and meatballs since that is red and white like me.

Wear Your SeatBelts and Harnesses ! ! !

Winslow the WSS in his Four Paws Seat Belt safely buckled in

Pals,  I hope you are all wearing your seat belts and harnesses when you are riding in the car or truck !   Its the safest for you and can save the life of the driver and other passengers too.  We are the most precious cargo and must arrive safely !  We use the Four Paws Safety Support Harness, which is highly rated.   On to the hunt !

Caesar, King Edward VII ‘s Dog

Since we were reading about the dog artist Maud Earl, we saw this painting she did of Caesar, King Edward VII’s dog,  after the King died.  He looks very sad…. sigh


‘Silent Sorrow’ by Maud Earl, 1910 – Captures poignantly the grief of King Edward VII’s dog, Caesar, following the death of the king. His head is resting on his master’s favorite chair.


Here is Caesar with the King in happier days.

King-Edward-VII-with-CaesarCaesar was a very handsome Wire Fox Terrier who was the King’s dear pal.  Caesar had his own footman and slept on an easy chair next to the King’s bed.  What a great plan !

After the death of the King on 6 May 1910, Caesar refused to eat, and would spend time whining outside the King’s bedroom.      Hearing about this is probably what inspired Maud Earl to do the painting above.     She had painted Caesar before,  and Caesar’s father, the famous wire hair terrier Cackler of Notts from the kennels of Kathleen, Duchess of Newcastle.

Maud Earl

MAUDEARLThis is a head study of some beautiful spaniels by artist Maud Earl.   My Dad’s Human, Pat Pencak posted this from a book of Maud Earl’s paintings and I thought I would share it with you.  Maud Earl also did some wonderful oil paintings of Welsh Springers that you can see on  my website here  (the two bottom paintings) .

Miss-Maud-Earl-Elliott-FryMaud Earl was born in 1864 in London.   Her father George was a well known sporting artist and taught his daughter.

She painted dogs in person and it sounds as if it would be fun to sit for her,  because she had a way with dogs !   In one interview, she said

“You can’t paint dogs unless you understand them; I don’t mean merely from the fancier’s point of view. You must know whether they are happy and comfortable, and if not, why not. You must know how to quiet them when they become excited and nervous. You must know all their little likes and dislikes, and this knowledge comes from long experience.”       I say WOOF to that, Miss Maud !

Describing how she went about painting her canine subjects, Miss Earl explained that she never used photographs, for she preferred to paint what she saw, rather than what the camera saw.  Rather, she posed the canine subject on a sort of portable stool on castors, which made it easy to move about.   An attendant usually accompanied the dog, but more often than not, Miss Earl was the one to settle the dog so that he might pose quietly. First she sketched in the general anatomy of the dog with chalks, then set about to capture the animal in oils.  A single portrait sitting would typically take two days, with the artist working from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The painting would then be completed at her leisure.


Now I am Twelve !

This is one of my first 12 year old pictures !   I took staff cheese shopping.   I told staff cheese is very important part of Spaniel diet !    Here I am with Clementine the cow.  She is pretty cute for a cow, don’t you think ?   Since she is a California Cow, she is supposed to be very happy. You may notice that I am not inside the cheese shoppe.  What’s with that ?   Not even a sample . . .  m m m m m. . . .

Winslow  the springer spaniel with the cheese shoppe cow


Bear at the Del Coronado

A Tribute to My Twitter Friend Bear

Its not often in life,  or even in the  Twitterverse,  that you make a good friend.   But Bear was special.  He lived life with total abandon.  He shared his days and best moments with us.   Because he was our friend, we knew there were occasional not so good times.  But he chose to share the best with us,  and that made our days better.   We got to know his sisters  and brothers and his beaches and his parks and even his pizza and burger shops !   We laughed at the goofy costumes he wore for his Mom.  What a good time we had getting to know and then love him !     My staff never got to pet his soft fur, and I never got to sniff his neck and butt,  but we loved him just the same.

Our hearts go out to his family, because even though we miss him desperately, we know it is nothing compared to the loss his Mom and other dear ones feel every moment of the day.    We hope that soon the waves at the beach that Bear loved so much will help to wash away some of the grief, and mostly happy memories will wash ashore.

We still feel your Bear Hugs.    Love,  Winslow and WinslowsMom


Winslow Observing Memorial Day

Winslow the welsh springer spaniel observing Memorial Day at Armstrongs Garden CenterWinslow had a very busy Memorial Day.  First we went to a Memorial Observance at Pacific View Cemetery which has a lovely Memorial Day with music and many families paying their respects.  We ran into the Fife and Drum Corp getting ready to go in,  but before we could get a photo of Winslow with one of the nattily dressed drummers,  the band started practicing loudly and Winslow recoiled in horror.  It sounded fine to me, but I think it hurt Winslow’s ears.

So we left and since we were close to Roger’s Gardens, we had a look in and took some nice photos.  But they were out of cookies, so next we went to Armstrongs on PCH.  Happily they had cookies and Winslow didn’t have to do his spaniel eyes for long.   So it is the photo from Armstrongs we are using here today.

Winslow wants to make sure that we also remember the many canine’s who have so bravely served their country.    A Paw Salute  and Reverent Woof to the memory of those many noble pups !

Winslow and the Chicken Pot Pie

Here Winslow is drooling in anticipation of his own slice of Homemade Chicken Pot Pie. A delicacy for any Welsh Springer Spaniel !

Winslow Hatfield looking at his Chicken Pot Pie
The pie was lovingly crafted for Winslow by his Mum Cathy Hatfield. She calls it Winslow’s Shark Pie. Of course there is no Shark in it (although Mum is sure that Winslow would love shark), but there is a shark ON the pie ! There were two, in fact, even though the recipe did not call for it.
Winslow says that the pie was excellent and we should give credit to the recipe we found at and the really easy crust at .

Midnight Snack

Mmmmmm,   Mom was late coming home from her WordPress meeting.   I thought I could guilt her into a good midnight snack.  Boy did it pay off in spades !

Welsh Springer Spaniel Winslow Homer Hatfield watches as his steak snack is prepared.Here I am watching the tender morsels of filet mignon on the skillet.  I had to make sure that they weren’t over cooked !

Welsh Springer Spaniel Winslow Homer Hatfield waits for the signal that it is okay to start eating his snack of filet mignon morsels. This might be torture.This is the part where I have to pretend to be a good dog,  befitting of my noble Welsh Springer Spaniel heritage.  I could have done without the place setting, but staff had recently washed the floor.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Winslow Homer Hatfield is a member of the clean plate club.As you may have guessed,  I made quick work of that, and am now a member of Tuesday’s Clean Plate Club !   Not another shred to be found.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Winslow Homer Hatfield sniffs his floral place setting after finishing his steak snack.Actually this arrangement smells quite nice.   I think there is some lingering eau de opossum from the garden from whence they came !

Winslow’s Menagerie

Winslow the Welsh Springer with his new menagerieHere Winslow the Welsh Springer is enjoying time with his new menagerie.  You see, once a month or so, Winslows Mom goes to garage sales and brings home stuffed anipals for Winslow.  Usually they are clean but still smell of wonderful adventures in far off places.  Winslows Mom says the best part is that they cost  25 cents.

Winslow the welsh springer who lives with cathy hatfield the artist, is seen here removing Mr. Wombats nose.Here Winslow is removing Mr. Wombat’s nose.  Can’t have him nosing around all of Winslow’s special places.   Winslow promptly spits out noses and eyes so that they can be sent to the nose and eye repository.

Thomas Eakins’ Setter

HarryThis is a sketch (by Eakins)  of Thomas Eakins’  setter  Harry.    I told mom to put it in her painting blog.  She said he’s a dog,  he’s going in the dog blog.   Harry was a studio dog too.   Eakins painted a picture of Harry with his wife in 1884, so it was about then that Harry was around.  The Met has a lot of Eakins paintings and a good bio on its website.   He painted wonderful rowers.

studio dog

Here is a photo of Harry,

Winslow and his Squeaky Ball

Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel in the yard with his squeeky ball

Here is Winslow with his new squeaky ball.  He hadn’t had a new toy for quite a while (BAD MOM) and was very happy to play with this and squeak it loudly for hours. We were going to be having a lot of folks over for Winslow’s  Uncle Ricky’s birthday, and this was Winslow’s  consolation for being ignored during preparations.  He was not ignored during the party, and in fact scored many many tidbits.