Cathy Hatfield's dog Henri a cocker spaniel mix taken in Fountain Valley about 1990

Grant Hatfield and Henri Hatfield on Balboa Island enjoying a mint chip ice cream in front of Our Gang Toy Store

Grant and Henri on Balboa Island when they were Three

In the 1990s we went to Boston a lot, and Henri came with us. Actually, we went to Hull where we rented one old beach house or another on Nantasket Beach. Our favorite was 51 Beach Ave. But this picture was painted from 29 S Street in Hull. Well, it is our porch and our apples and chairs and of course Henri. At the time I was showing my work on Martha’s Vineyard, so I put in an Edgartown Light Background. Anyway, Henri was very comfortable at our beach houses, as long as we were around. There is another great painting of him with Scott and Joey. I’ll put it up as soon as I find a photo.

Henri in Edgartown

This is Henri and Dad in Old Orchard Beach, Maine during our 1990 September/October trip there. Later in the trip, I went off on a three day sail with Carol Watson. Henri accompanied Dad and Dick Knerr to Shirley Stone’s house where he ate a turkey off the table. I think Henri found it necessary to beat her boys to it or he would never get any!

This is Grant and Henri at Blackies in Newport Beach before Grant’s surfing days.

Henri’s First Christmas 1986

Henri was born in the middle of October in 1986 and after coming to us in December of 1986, lived until Aprl 2001.

The Present of a Lifetime

Henri on the Duck Quilt

Henri and Epilepsy

Henri had his first seizure when he was almost three.  Of course it scared us to death.  We found out that it was Idiopathic Epilepsy.  Which means we never did know what caused it.  He did have an MRI at the Southern California Surgical Center in Irvine.  He took  phenobarbital for a while, but it didn’t control the seizures very well, and made him seem as if he was in a fog.   Finally they tried Sodium Bromide and that controlled his seizures to about one or two a month,  and not as strong ones.   Sometimes we could head one off with valium if we noticed an aura soon enough.   Henri’s seizures usually happened in the wee hours of the morning, lasted for about a minute or two.  Then it would take him a half hour to an hour to settle down again.  He would walk around in circles, panting and crashing into things until he got re oriented.   The sodium bromide did irritate his stomach a bit, and made him more ravenous than even the usual spaniel hunger.   In the end,  Henri died from a spindle cell carcinoma rather than any effects of the epilepsy.    I am no expert at all on canine epilepsy but if anyone would like to compare notes or just chat with someone who went through it with a much loved companion, I would be happy to correspond.

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