Cathy Hatfield

Cathy Hatfield with Winslow on Balboa IslandWinslow’s mom is artist Cathy Hatfield, more formally known as Cathryn Hatfield. Here are several of  her paintings. You can check the link at the right to see more on her website.

Winslow the Springer Spaniel

Cest Si Bon Boquet

Nantucket Stillife oil painting by Cathryn Hatfield

Mother and Son an OIl Painting by Cathryn Hatfield


Artist Cathy Hatfield

3 thoughts on “Cathy Hatfield

  1. Marianne van der Kooij

    Hello Cathy,

    At the moment I am writing an article about welshspringer spaniels at Instagram. I like to illustrate this article with a few screenshots I made. One of the screenshots is from Winslow. A picture from him where he is standing at the harbour. Is this ok with you. The article is for the magazine of the Dutch Welshspringer Club.

    Greetings from the Netherlands, love your website and motto the journey of life is sweeter etc. It is so true!
    Marianne van der Kooij #marjufoto

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