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A Rose for Annie

As you may know from the Twitterverse, or being an avid fan of Rosy Reports, I have been issued a Bachelor Challenge (ahem, Again!) I love Rosy and Annie both very much.  Rosy is such a wonderful Princess, but I am a spaniel and have a soft spot for the wonderful spaniel girl Sweet Annie.  So Annie gets my Rose !  We will continue getting to know each other, so no hat shopping yet !

AnnieWinslowZ you ma

Puppy Socialization 101

Winslow the welsh springer spaniel socializing with a golden retriever puppy at the Balboa Island FirehouseThere I was, chillaxing at the Firehouse on Balboa Island after a nice morning walk.  But no rest for the weary (or wicked, tee hee).  Mum pointed out what she said was “the cutest wee goldie” and suggested that I show him the ropes of socializing with a grown up dog. He did turn out to be a fine wee chap.

Sunset Walk on Beach at Newport Beach

Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel on the beach at  Newport Beach, California near sunset in February.We like to walk on the beach late in the day when the tide is low and the air cool.  We park by the elementary school and can walk on pavement clear out to near the water, so the deep sand doesn’t hurt my knees.  We stroll a bit and sit and sniff the air and watch the waves too.  Ha ha, this is when I get really good massages !


September on Balboa Island

Winslow telling Mom to hurry up we have to explore Balboa Island

We like September on Balboa Island because all the kids have gone back to school and the streets and beaches aren’t so crowded. Sometimes Mum likes to sit on the public dock and dangle her feet in the water. This often takes too long and I have to remind her to continue our walk. There are kitties to sniff out and I want to go on the beach and we have to stop for a Pupacino at Starbucks. There is no time for her to tease the fishies with her tootsies and count sailboat tacks ! Come on Ma !!!

Opening Day in Newport Beach

Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel at yacht club  opening day in  Newport Beach

Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel at his opening day speech in Newport Beach

Hi pals ! You know how I love mucking about boats and along the shore. And my staff loves nothing more than the color and nautical feel of opening day, so we took some pictures this morning to celebrate. The breeze was good, the air was clean, and all was right with the world !

Salty Dog

Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel at the Orange Coast College Rowing Dock in Newport Beach California

Here I am, Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel, a Salty Dog, at the Orange Coast College Rowing Dock  in Newport Beach, California. This is my favorite place to go in the morning because the air smells so good ! Also it is very close to C’est Si Bon, who make the most wonderful pain au chocolate. Yes, yes, I know, but the staff eats the chocolate part ! Back to the rowers, who often leave nice smelly shoes on the dock. I do not disturb them, just take a nice sniff as I amble by. Usually by the time we get to the dock, we have already had a run at squirrel park, so here I can just relax and sniff the air. We see coots, cormorants, egrets, blue heron, flying fish, sometimes even a dolphin !

This is officially called the Orange Coast College School of Sailing and Seamanship  and you can take many cool classes there.  Next up for me  Shields !   Once they take my money they have to let me on the boat, right !

Christmas Basket Review – Summer Sausage

We don’t have enough twitter followers to do a Bark Box review for Blog Paws.  So  Staff said I could review the Henry and David Basket  !     The cheese was  “Meh”  as Ashley would say.   But I was more interested in the Summer Sausage anyway !    It was delish !  Just the right amount of fat,  not so many spices as to hide the rich meaty flavor.     A resounding A +. Only the fact that it wasn’t wrapped in bacon  prevented more  + s after my A !

Winslow and the summer sausage Winslow  savors the light flavor of the Summer Sausage by Henry and David.  YUM !

SaussagesI recommend these be devoured sans crackers !


A Red Fire Place

Many days in the winter in Southern California can be no burn days for wood burning fireplaces.   On bad air days, the Air Quality Control Board will issue a no burn advisory for your zip code.   Healthy Hearts  web site suggests some ways to burn clean all of the time.   Pesky particles from a “dirty”  fire can harm your lungs, and those of others,  not to mention be a fire hazard.

Ho Ho Ho,  I think that this red fireplace is for decoration only, but it is very festive.  I beseeched staff to find a velvet padded ottoman for me to pose on, to improve the composition of the photograph, but none were to be had.  So here you have relatively short me,  and a very tall fireplace.    I think its very festive anyway !    I wonder what is in those stockings ?      See you later pals,  we are off to find some delphiniums.   Staff says we must find delphiniums before we go to the sausage shop.    Go figure . . .RedFireplaceZ


Howloween !

Hello Pals

I have been contemplating my Howloween costume.   Since I am named after one artist,  Winslow Homer,   I thought that I could be a different artist,  this time,  Claude Monet.  This only involves a beret, a pipe and a paint brush.  I think I could handle that !  Here is a painting that Eduard Manet did of Monet.


And here is one that Monet himself did of himself – maybe I will need the beard !


This is a much better prospect than human’s idea which was to make me spagetti and meatballs since that is red and white like me.

Caesar, King Edward VII ‘s Dog

Since we were reading about the dog artist Maud Earl, we saw this painting she did of Caesar, King Edward VII’s dog,  after the King died.  He looks very sad…. sigh


‘Silent Sorrow’ by Maud Earl, 1910 – Captures poignantly the grief of King Edward VII’s dog, Caesar, following the death of the king. His head is resting on his master’s favorite chair.


Here is Caesar with the King in happier days.

King-Edward-VII-with-CaesarCaesar was a very handsome Wire Fox Terrier who was the King’s dear pal.  Caesar had his own footman and slept on an easy chair next to the King’s bed.  What a great plan !

After the death of the King on 6 May 1910, Caesar refused to eat, and would spend time whining outside the King’s bedroom.      Hearing about this is probably what inspired Maud Earl to do the painting above.     She had painted Caesar before,  and Caesar’s father, the famous wire hair terrier Cackler of Notts from the kennels of Kathleen, Duchess of Newcastle.

Now I am Twelve !

This is one of my first 12 year old pictures !   I took staff cheese shopping.   I told staff cheese is very important part of Spaniel diet !    Here I am with Clementine the cow.  She is pretty cute for a cow, don’t you think ?   Since she is a California Cow, she is supposed to be very happy. You may notice that I am not inside the cheese shoppe.  What’s with that ?   Not even a sample . . .  m m m m m. . . .

Winslow  the springer spaniel with the cheese shoppe cow


Bear at the Del Coronado

A Tribute to My Twitter Friend Bear

Its not often in life,  or even in the  Twitterverse,  that you make a good friend.   But Bear was special.  He lived life with total abandon.  He shared his days and best moments with us.   Because he was our friend, we knew there were occasional not so good times.  But he chose to share the best with us,  and that made our days better.   We got to know his sisters  and brothers and his beaches and his parks and even his pizza and burger shops !   We laughed at the goofy costumes he wore for his Mom.  What a good time we had getting to know and then love him !     My staff never got to pet his soft fur, and I never got to sniff his neck and butt,  but we loved him just the same.

Our hearts go out to his family, because even though we miss him desperately, we know it is nothing compared to the loss his Mom and other dear ones feel every moment of the day.    We hope that soon the waves at the beach that Bear loved so much will help to wash away some of the grief, and mostly happy memories will wash ashore.

We still feel your Bear Hugs.    Love,  Winslow and WinslowsMom


Winslow Observing Memorial Day

Winslow the welsh springer spaniel observing Memorial Day at Armstrongs Garden CenterWinslow had a very busy Memorial Day.  First we went to a Memorial Observance at Pacific View Cemetery which has a lovely Memorial Day with music and many families paying their respects.  We ran into the Fife and Drum Corp getting ready to go in,  but before we could get a photo of Winslow with one of the nattily dressed drummers,  the band started practicing loudly and Winslow recoiled in horror.  It sounded fine to me, but I think it hurt Winslow’s ears.

So we left and since we were close to Roger’s Gardens, we had a look in and took some nice photos.  But they were out of cookies, so next we went to Armstrongs on PCH.  Happily they had cookies and Winslow didn’t have to do his spaniel eyes for long.   So it is the photo from Armstrongs we are using here today.

Winslow wants to make sure that we also remember the many canine’s who have so bravely served their country.    A Paw Salute  and Reverent Woof to the memory of those many noble pups !

Winslow and the Chicken Pot Pie

Here Winslow is drooling in anticipation of his own slice of Homemade Chicken Pot Pie. A delicacy for any Welsh Springer Spaniel !

Winslow Hatfield looking at his Chicken Pot Pie
The pie was lovingly crafted for Winslow by his Mum Cathy Hatfield. She calls it Winslow’s Shark Pie. Of course there is no Shark in it (although Mum is sure that Winslow would love shark), but there is a shark ON the pie ! There were two, in fact, even though the recipe did not call for it.
Winslow says that the pie was excellent and we should give credit to the recipe we found at and the really easy crust at .