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Merry Christmas 2014

We took a nice walk at Fashion Island in Newport Beach today and Mum lifted me up onto the boxes by the Christmas Tree for my official Christmas Portrait.  I wore my jingle bell collar and with a recent bath I think I looked quite smart.  I was happy to get down and continue my walk though, it was a little highWinslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel at Fashion Island in Newport Beach up there !  Long ago and far away when I was a wee pup just 12 weeks old, I had my picture taken here too.

Winslow as a tiny puppy at the Fashion Island Christmas tree

This year, 2014 was also my cousin Sam’s first Christmas.  Here we are together under the tree.

Sam Hatfield with Winslow Hatfield under the Christmas tree for Sam's first Christmas

Thanksgiving Leftovers

It seems that there were leftovers.  Mom had a pie shell that she forgot to put a pie in.  So she put in my food and some gravy and some turkey pieces for garnish.   Whaddaya think?  It was very very tasty.

Turkey Pie for your pup

But there is one thing about this blog that I don’t like, and it is all the endless picture taking and I have to wait to EAT until the photo is just right. This is not right and may verge on cruelty.
Winslow the welsh springer spaniel waiting for his turkeky pie
Finally I did get to eat, and I am very glad to report it was DELICIOUS !!! and there is the other half left for morning!!
Winslow eating dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Winslow is very much enjoying Thanksgiving week, and the day isn’t even here yet.  His enjoyment very much involves Turkey Soup. It seems that the cooks put too much rice in the soup and spoiled it for human consumption.  It was full of lots of turkey, lots of carrots and lots of celery and parsley  and not enough onion to hurt him. The cooks just took a fourth of it for their soup and added some store bought broth and water for the human soup.   The remaineder became DOG FOOD.  YiPPEEE!!!    More rice than Winslow likes, but still suffused with delightful flavor and vitamins!

The cooks are very much worried that he will grow to expect soup thrice daily after the holidays are over.  HA.