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Merry Christmas 2014

We took a nice walk at Fashion Island in Newport Beach today and Mum lifted me up onto the boxes by the Christmas Tree for my official Christmas Portrait.  I wore my jingle bell collar and with a recent bath I think I looked quite smart.  I was happy to get down and continue my walk though, it was a little highWinslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel at Fashion Island in Newport Beach up there !  Long ago and far away when I was a wee pup just 12 weeks old, I had my picture taken here too.

Winslow as a tiny puppy at the Fashion Island Christmas tree

This year, 2014 was also my cousin Sam’s first Christmas.  Here we are together under the tree.

Sam Hatfield with Winslow Hatfield under the Christmas tree for Sam's first Christmas


Winslow at Jonathan Adler at Fashion Island

Well, we went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach for a walk yesterday.  I am one lucky Welsh Springer Spaniel!  Here I am at the Jonathan Adler store where they have really cool stuff, and Mom really liked this PEACE foot stool and took my picture by it.  The nice girls at Jonathan Adler are very hospitable to pups and I don’t know why Mom told them to stop giving me treats.  I still had lots of room for more!

Winslow finds a Shady Spot

This being California, even in the dead of winter,  one can never underestimate the benefits of finding a shady spot.   Winslow is master of this, and finds it very effective to plop in a nice shady spot when his Mum is heading for the barn.  This always works, since she can’t tell if his legs are sore or if he just wants to stop and enjoy the view and smells.

Winslow relaxing in a shady spot.