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Ahoy !

AhoyAhoy Mates !      I do like mucking around boats and the docks and shoreline.  This isn’t my dinghy,  but I wish I had one like it,  only I would choose a lapstrake dinghy with a little electric motor.  I don’t think staff can row fast enough to keep up with the ducks and out of the way of the Harbour Patrol !

The Water is Fine !

Winslow tests the waters in the estuary of  Morro Bay in Baywood Park
We went to visit Uncle Ricky in Cayucos and to paint with friends in Baywood Park who were staying at the lovely Back Bay Inn. Winslow took the opportunity to check out the water and have a nice romp and chase some coots. He didn’t bother the stately (and protected) Great Blue Herons. The weather was great, the leash was off, left overs abundant, and a Welsh Springer Spaniel couldn’t ask for more!