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Ahoy !

AhoyAhoy Mates !      I do like mucking around boats and the docks and shoreline.  This isn’t my dinghy,  but I wish I had one like it,  only I would choose a lapstrake dinghy with a little electric motor.  I don’t think staff can row fast enough to keep up with the ducks and out of the way of the Harbour Patrol !

Happy New Year! !

Springer Spaniel doing a water retreive of a ball

Happy New Year, everybody. I am very lucky to be a California pup, but especially so this New Year. It has been lovely beach weather and I went swimming with my pal. Mom never did find me a stick, so I just let Mr. Kipling bring my ball back. He is very good at ball retreives. I needed to keep my mouth free for any sticks or birds that might have appeared.

A Lovely Spring Day

Smelling the flowersWinslow smelling the wisteria (or listening to the bees, not sure which) on recent jaunt to Balboa Island.  Winslow was pleasantly surprised when this photo op became an interesting stop and he was happy to be breathing in the fresh air and lovely scent of blossoming wisteria and the accompanying insect activity.  Or maybe they were cooking bacon inside.  Anyway he looks  happy and the day was as beautiful as this photo suggests.