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Midnight Snack

Mmmmmm,   Mom was late coming home from her WordPress meeting.   I thought I could guilt her into a good midnight snack.  Boy did it pay off in spades !

Welsh Springer Spaniel Winslow Homer Hatfield watches as his steak snack is prepared.Here I am watching the tender morsels of filet mignon on the skillet.  I had to make sure that they weren’t over cooked !

Welsh Springer Spaniel Winslow Homer Hatfield waits for the signal that it is okay to start eating his snack of filet mignon morsels. This might be torture.This is the part where I have to pretend to be a good dog,  befitting of my noble Welsh Springer Spaniel heritage.  I could have done without the place setting, but staff had recently washed the floor.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Winslow Homer Hatfield is a member of the clean plate club.As you may have guessed,  I made quick work of that, and am now a member of Tuesday’s Clean Plate Club !   Not another shred to be found.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Winslow Homer Hatfield sniffs his floral place setting after finishing his steak snack.Actually this arrangement smells quite nice.   I think there is some lingering eau de opossum from the garden from whence they came !

Winslow’s Menagerie

Winslow the Welsh Springer with his new menagerieHere Winslow the Welsh Springer is enjoying time with his new menagerie.  You see, once a month or so, Winslows Mom goes to garage sales and brings home stuffed anipals for Winslow.  Usually they are clean but still smell of wonderful adventures in far off places.  Winslows Mom says the best part is that they cost  25 cents.

Winslow the welsh springer who lives with cathy hatfield the artist, is seen here removing Mr. Wombats nose.Here Winslow is removing Mr. Wombat’s nose.  Can’t have him nosing around all of Winslow’s special places.   Winslow promptly spits out noses and eyes so that they can be sent to the nose and eye repository.

Winslow and his Squeaky Ball

Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel in the yard with his squeeky ball

Here is Winslow with his new squeaky ball.  He hadn’t had a new toy for quite a while (BAD MOM) and was very happy to play with this and squeak it loudly for hours. We were going to be having a lot of folks over for Winslow’s  Uncle Ricky’s birthday, and this was Winslow’s  consolation for being ignored during preparations.  He was not ignored during the party, and in fact scored many many tidbits.

My Tennis Ball

Hi Everybody.    I have a question for you.  All of my pals LOVE their tennis balls and most slimy tennis balls that they find.  But what is your very FAVORITE tennis ball?   (We deactivated the poll, but Mom likes this picture of me a left it here!)  BTW this is me as a pup when I really liked tennis balls.  Now I am kind of a baseball guy as far as chewing and chasing,   but I love to watch Rafa play tennis.

Winslow when he was a puppy with a tennis ball


Thanksgiving Leftovers

It seems that there were leftovers.  Mom had a pie shell that she forgot to put a pie in.  So she put in my food and some gravy and some turkey pieces for garnish.   Whaddaya think?  It was very very tasty.

Turkey Pie for your pup

But there is one thing about this blog that I don’t like, and it is all the endless picture taking and I have to wait to EAT until the photo is just right. This is not right and may verge on cruelty.
Winslow the welsh springer spaniel waiting for his turkeky pie
Finally I did get to eat, and I am very glad to report it was DELICIOUS !!! and there is the other half left for morning!!
Winslow eating dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Winslow is very much enjoying Thanksgiving week, and the day isn’t even here yet.  His enjoyment very much involves Turkey Soup. It seems that the cooks put too much rice in the soup and spoiled it for human consumption.  It was full of lots of turkey, lots of carrots and lots of celery and parsley  and not enough onion to hurt him. The cooks just took a fourth of it for their soup and added some store bought broth and water for the human soup.   The remaineder became DOG FOOD.  YiPPEEE!!!    More rice than Winslow likes, but still suffused with delightful flavor and vitamins!

The cooks are very much worried that he will grow to expect soup thrice daily after the holidays are over.  HA.

Winslow Relaxing on the Couch

winslow relaxing on the couch watching american idolHere is Winslow relaxing on the couch, watching American Idol. He thinks its not so hot tonight, and while you are heading to the kitchen will you please bring me back a cracker with some peanut butter on it? Oh, and don’t dawdle.

Look, that snack you brought just didn’t cut it. Will you please come over here and scratch my chest.

And by the way why don’t those singers bring their dogs on the show instead of guitars, I think they would get more votes. Just stay here and keep scratching.

winslow sleeping upside downWell,  Just Wake me when its over.  I’ll try to get a few winks here.  Maybe Uncle Billy will come give me a good scratch.