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Top of the World Hike above Laguna and Scandia Bakery

I took staff for a nice hike above Laguna Beach today, a few days after Christmas.  It wasn’t as green as hoped, but it was a beeeeeyooootiful day !   Also lots of great scents and plenty of snake holes.  I went to rattlesnake skool before so staff wasn’t too worried.  We like to walk around  (since I am 12, its more of a mosie about than a hike) at Top of the World.  We go in by the Del Mar Street side out of habit.      Some times there are goats up there,  but there isn’t enough grass yet to need fire prevention.    Just  some cactus.


After we finished our walk we went into town since it was early and parking was easy.   What do you think the first stop was ?   You know staff likes her pastries . . . .  SO we went to Scandia Bakery on Forrest Avenue.        Today it was Bearclaws because even though they have lots of delightful things,  they do make a very nice bearclaw and we hadn’t had any for a while.   I had to remind staff to get me MY OWN PLEASE !

Winslow waiting for at Scandia Bakery in Laguna  bearclaw after a hike above Laguna Beach at top of the world


Christmas Basket Review – Summer Sausage

We don’t have enough twitter followers to do a Bark Box review for Blog Paws.  So  Staff said I could review the Henry and David Basket  !     The cheese was  “Meh”  as Ashley would say.   But I was more interested in the Summer Sausage anyway !    It was delish !  Just the right amount of fat,  not so many spices as to hide the rich meaty flavor.     A resounding A +. Only the fact that it wasn’t wrapped in bacon  prevented more  + s after my A !

Winslow and the summer sausage Winslow  savors the light flavor of the Summer Sausage by Henry and David.  YUM !

SaussagesI recommend these be devoured sans crackers !


A Red Fire Place

Many days in the winter in Southern California can be no burn days for wood burning fireplaces.   On bad air days, the Air Quality Control Board will issue a no burn advisory for your zip code.   Healthy Hearts  web site suggests some ways to burn clean all of the time.   Pesky particles from a “dirty”  fire can harm your lungs, and those of others,  not to mention be a fire hazard.

Ho Ho Ho,  I think that this red fireplace is for decoration only, but it is very festive.  I beseeched staff to find a velvet padded ottoman for me to pose on, to improve the composition of the photograph, but none were to be had.  So here you have relatively short me,  and a very tall fireplace.    I think its very festive anyway !    I wonder what is in those stockings ?      See you later pals,  we are off to find some delphiniums.   Staff says we must find delphiniums before we go to the sausage shop.    Go figure . . .RedFireplaceZ