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Bear at the Del Coronado

A Tribute to My Twitter Friend Bear

Its not often in life,  or even in the  Twitterverse,  that you make a good friend.   But Bear was special.  He lived life with total abandon.  He shared his days and best moments with us.   Because he was our friend, we knew there were occasional not so good times.  But he chose to share the best with us,  and that made our days better.   We got to know his sisters  and brothers and his beaches and his parks and even his pizza and burger shops !   We laughed at the goofy costumes he wore for his Mom.  What a good time we had getting to know and then love him !     My staff never got to pet his soft fur, and I never got to sniff his neck and butt,  but we loved him just the same.

Our hearts go out to his family, because even though we miss him desperately, we know it is nothing compared to the loss his Mom and other dear ones feel every moment of the day.    We hope that soon the waves at the beach that Bear loved so much will help to wash away some of the grief, and mostly happy memories will wash ashore.

We still feel your Bear Hugs.    Love,  Winslow and WinslowsMom