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Winslow Observing Memorial Day

Winslow the welsh springer spaniel observing Memorial Day at Armstrongs Garden CenterWinslow had a very busy Memorial Day.  First we went to a Memorial Observance at Pacific View Cemetery which has a lovely Memorial Day with music and many families paying their respects.  We ran into the Fife and Drum Corp getting ready to go in,  but before we could get a photo of Winslow with one of the nattily dressed drummers,  the band started practicing loudly and Winslow recoiled in horror.  It sounded fine to me, but I think it hurt Winslow’s ears.

So we left and since we were close to Roger’s Gardens, we had a look in and took some nice photos.  But they were out of cookies, so next we went to Armstrongs on PCH.  Happily they had cookies and Winslow didn’t have to do his spaniel eyes for long.   So it is the photo from Armstrongs we are using here today.

Winslow wants to make sure that we also remember the many canine’s who have so bravely served their country.    A Paw Salute  and Reverent Woof to the memory of those many noble pups !