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Winslow at Jonathan Adler at Fashion Island

Well, we went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach for a walk yesterday.  I am one lucky Welsh Springer Spaniel!  Here I am at the Jonathan Adler store where they have really cool stuff, and Mom really liked this PEACE foot stool and took my picture by it.  The nice girls at Jonathan Adler are very hospitable to pups and I don’t know why Mom told them to stop giving me treats.  I still had lots of room for more!

My Tennis Ball

Hi Everybody.    I have a question for you.  All of my pals LOVE their tennis balls and most slimy tennis balls that they find.  But what is your very FAVORITE tennis ball?   (We deactivated the poll, but Mom likes this picture of me a left it here!)  BTW this is me as a pup when I really liked tennis balls.  Now I am kind of a baseball guy as far as chewing and chasing,   but I love to watch Rafa play tennis.

Winslow when he was a puppy with a tennis ball


Happy New Year! !

Springer Spaniel doing a water retreive of a ball

Happy New Year, everybody. I am very lucky to be a California pup, but especially so this New Year. It has been lovely beach weather and I went swimming with my pal. Mom never did find me a stick, so I just let Mr. Kipling bring my ball back. He is very good at ball retreives. I needed to keep my mouth free for any sticks or birds that might have appeared.