Monthly Archives: November 2011

Thanksgiving Leftovers

It seems that there were leftovers.  Mom had a pie shell that she forgot to put a pie in.  So she put in my food and some gravy and some turkey pieces for garnish.   Whaddaya think?  It was very very tasty.

Turkey Pie for your pup

But there is one thing about this blog that I don’t like, and it is all the endless picture taking and I have to wait to EAT until the photo is just right. This is not right and may verge on cruelty.
Winslow the welsh springer spaniel waiting for his turkeky pie
Finally I did get to eat, and I am very glad to report it was DELICIOUS !!! and there is the other half left for morning!!
Winslow eating dinner.

Sparkling Wine Country

On the way home from Cayucos we stopped for a break at Latetia Winery .  If you are ever on the road this is a nice stop for wine tasting and a quick game of bocce.  I think bocce shouldn’t be played quickly however.  If you are northbound it is a good stop for wine for your hosts.  If you are southbound it is good to savor the last relaxation before the traffic to come.Winslow in Wine Country

The Water is Fine !

Winslow tests the waters in the estuary of  Morro Bay in Baywood Park
We went to visit Uncle Ricky in Cayucos and to paint with friends in Baywood Park who were staying at the lovely Back Bay Inn. Winslow took the opportunity to check out the water and have a nice romp and chase some coots. He didn’t bother the stately (and protected) Great Blue Herons. The weather was great, the leash was off, left overs abundant, and a Welsh Springer Spaniel couldn’t ask for more!