Monthly Archives: April 2011

Crystal Cove

Winslow the Welsh Springer Spaniel at Crystal Cove State Park in California

Yesterday we went for a walk at Crystal Cove State Park, not far from home.   It was a lovely day for a walk, and the park was quiet with not too many bicycles.  We have to stay up top on the paths along the cliffs  because dogs are not allowed on the beach below.   The walk wasn’t as long as I had hoped because Winslow caught scent of some rattlesnakes and hearded me right back to the car.  He gets exasperated when I won’t do what he wants,  but I guess that is what I sent him to rattlesnake school for afterall.  Some fireman on their exercise walk returning from where I had wanted to go told me that they had seen a five foot rattler stretched across the path!