Monthly Archives: March 2011

Bunny Hunting

Bunny Hunting in Costa Mesa, California  with Winslow the Welsh Springer SpanielWe have been bunny hunting this morning amonst the mustard at Fairview Park, on the site of what was once the Indian Village of Lukup.    We only saw one bunny today, but I think Winslow sniffed many more.  It was way too hot already at 10 am, so we have to start closer to dawn.    There was lots of mustard, as pictured here,  a few hawks, and lots of stickers.  I will recheck in a while, but non seem to have stuck!

A Lovely Spring Day

Smelling the flowersWinslow smelling the wisteria (or listening to the bees, not sure which) on recent jaunt to Balboa Island.  Winslow was pleasantly surprised when this photo op became an interesting stop and he was happy to be breathing in the fresh air and lovely scent of blossoming wisteria and the accompanying insect activity.  Or maybe they were cooking bacon inside.  Anyway he looks  happy and the day was as beautiful as this photo suggests.