Monthly Archives: October 2010

A Visit from Miss COCO and Julie

Winslow had a lovely visit from the delightful Coco Mastrilli and her human Julie. It wasn’t really a play date because Winslow wasn’t very playful (recovering from the itchies), but they wandered around the yard and sniffed a bit. Miss Coco is a condo dweller with a small yard, so she was happy to wander around our flower and weed farm.  It was her 5 month birthday.  She is as cheerful and well behaved as she is cute.  Julie says she needs some fine tuning and more schooling,  but she was a perfect guest this day.

Anthropologie Again

Winslow the Welshie shopping at Anthropologie at Fashion Island with Mom Cathy Hatfield

Winslow was cajoled into accompanying his companion human to Fashion Island.   At least they went to the dog treat store first.  Thank goodness Winslow doesn’t dress for Halloween.  There is an awful lot of froo froo dog stuff there.  Then off to Anthropologie where Winslow got lots of pets from the sales girls who weren’t too busy yet.  He liked this Hip Chair, but Mom was only looking at crockery.