Monthly Archives: May 2010

Winslow Relaxing during a Walk in Huntington Beach

Winslow, a welsh springer spaniel, relaxing in Huntington Beach, California.Winslow loves to walk in the neighborhoods around Lake Park on Main Street in Huntington Beach.  There are lovely wide meridians with grass and trees and wonderful smells.  Then once at the park there are many squirrels hiding in the trees and other dogs playing or lounging about.  Winslow says hello and sniffs most of them.  If they aren’t cheerful he moves on.  No time for uncheerful pups.  After playing to his hearts content he finds a nice spot of shade and relaxes to enjoy watching the others romp on.  The trouble here is that Mum doesn’t ever want to stay as long as he does.   Sometimes she will chill and hang,  but never long enough in Winslow’s estimation.   So when he is coaxed to walk back to the car for the journey home, or to an errand, Winslow often finds other shady spots to plop in.   Here he is, at a nice shady spot along Crest Street.  There is a lovely ocean breeze, and many animal smells from previous walkers.  What more could a dog ask for?

Winslows Friend Doc

Winslow had a nice visit today with his puppyhood pal and good chum  Doc.   Doc has had his front leg amputated but is doing very well and is in good cheer.  It was nice to relax in the park and sniff the air with Doc and Winslow and Doc’s human, Marge.  We went to Lake Park in Huntington Beach  ( I think its actually called something else, but the one on Main Street that stretches from Lake across to 11th  and curves around.     Doc had the best ears in this photo.   Winslow came out blurry.