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Luke Dugan at Squirrel Park

Luke Dugan

Luke Dugan, Westie Extraordinaire

Winslow went to Edison Community Center Park today in Huntington Beach, which we fondly call Squirrel Park.   We ran into Luke Dugan, an extraordinarily handsom West Highland White Terrier.  Luke was accompanied by the reknown watercolor artist Frank Dugan.

Winslow and Luke are more interested in the squirrels than Frank

Winslow Visits Rogers Gardens

Springtime means Hydrangeas at Rogers Gardens

Winslow went to Roger’s Gardens with Cathy last week. Having already been to the squirrel park, he prefers the shade near the Hydrangeas to wandering around the garden searching for clematis. This is the front runner for his Easter Portrait so far. They are very kindly to handsome spaniels there, although Armstrongs serves dog biscuits and is therefore a more frequent stop. But we will be returning soon to Rogers for our tomatos. A must this year.