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Cathy explains how Winslow got his Name

I am an artist and knew that my Welsh Springer Spaniel would be a studio dog, keeping me company while I painted and letting me know when we needed a break.

So he would need an artists name ….
My nephew gave me a list of his favorite artists that he thought I might like. We had seen many John Singer Sargent paintings together, but “Sargent” sounded like a police dog to me. Monet was also on the list, but as much as I loved painting in his garden, too many Bichons are named Monet.

When my nephew was just 4, we all vacationed near Winslow Homer’s Prouts Neck Studio in Maine. It was a great memory. (at that time, another spaniel, a cocker mix “Henri” was with us). Winslow seemed a distinguished Spaniel name, and Homer had painted many scenes with gundogs, but I think mostly setters. So we chose “Winslow” for our puppy.

His official name is Firesides American Artist. Call name “Winslow”. Sometimes we call him Winners, but mostly just Winslow. He loves swimming in the ocean and bay, chasing squirrels and rabbits in the hills, and shopping
in town (this often involves sharing a croissant). After being a studio dog, his second job is keeping kitties out of the yard.

Like most springers, he will lick their nose or sniff them, but if they run, he will chase!
Here is a watercolor by Winslow Homer, completed in 1889, called “Dogs in a Boat”

Help with Deciphering Census Please

Happy New Year All

Sorry to post this on my dog’s blog, but it will let you up and download PDFs, and

I don’t have my relatives history site up yet, so please view the census file here:

1871 Census of McDonald Family in Barony, Glasgow I need help with the occupations of the McDonald family, about half way down,  except for father William whom I can see is a collier.  Thank you so much.

Cathy     (feel free to look at pics of my handsome dog too )