Monthly Archives: December 2009

Pups Together


Henri, Cathy, Grant

I heard that before me that there was a flushing spaniel (ha) some sort of cocker mix called Henri. Apparently he was quite the thing because they keep calling me Henri. I hear that he and Grant were pups together, and here is their picture with my Mom before I gave her grey hair. Actually he is kinda cute, and must have been an excellent fellow for her to want another

Winslow’s First Public Photo

Baby Winslow in photo taken at the Apple Store

A very cute 9 week Winslow

When Winslow had only been home with us about a week,  we ventured out to get his photo taken.  I was still very new to computers, so we went to the Apple Store so that they could take one and upload it to my email in order that I could have one to send one to everyone I knew.   Winslow was a very rambunctious pup,  but extremely cheerful and loveable.  He was so happy to experience everything we did and everywhere we went.

Winslow Takes Montecito

Winslow goes where we go, being a typical Welsh Springer Spaniel, also known as velcro dogs. Here he is posing on a nice shop stoop. We had just had lunch at the Montecito Pharmacy, great turkey sandos, with leftovers for Winslow of course.

Winslow in Montecito, enhancing a shop stoop.

Winslow in Montecito, enhancing a shop stoop.

Winslow Shopping in Montecito, Enhancing a Shop Stoop